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Siblings are best friends

Side by side or miles apart siblings are always close to your heart!Love those images we captured of adorable Ella and Nathan at the Las Vegas desert by Shiran Mariasov Las Vegas Photographer from MBF Photography!

Ella turned 4 and Nathan turned 2 and they absolutely adore each other!

there is nothing better then having a best friend that will be forever by your side!

We love capturing the connection and love between the family members during family sessions, we focusing on bringing the kids personality in the best possible way! we found that giving them enough room and space to be themselves works the best specially with toddlers.

When booking a Las Vegas family session you want to make sure the location fit your style, you can choose from desert look to green park lake and more!

At MBF Photography we specialize in working with kids at all ages!

Contact us today to book an outdoor family session! this beautiful weather won't stay for too long and soon the summer heat will arrive!

MBF Photography las Vegas Family photographer, Family session

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