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Pet Photo Session

 You asked and we've responded...

We are now offering Pet Photography!

All well behaved pets are welcome! 


Once a month we will dedicate one day for pet photography ONLY.

We will have a special area (our back room) with props just for your fur babies to use while they have their picture taken.

You are also welcome to bring your own small props and outfits. 


We will not take photos of pets in the main studio room for it is reserved for newborns and families only.

Pet clients are also not allowed to use newborn props and accessories during their session.

Our studio will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after the monthly one day pets visit, to ensure our clients have a clean and safe studio environment.

*MBF Photography reserves the right to turn away any pet.

*the photographer has the right to end a session short if a pet is not well behaved

pets photography
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