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Las Vegas Underwater Photographer

In Las Vegas Nevada we have countless photographers who can provide beautiful family portraits.


non of them offer underwater portraits.

We welcome the summer with our one of a kind underwater photo sessions!

Under water photography is unique way to capture the beauty in you.

Underwater Portrait Photography is something uniquely offered by MBF Photography.

MBF Photography offer world-class photography style of underwater portrait.

Our private pool is nicely heated and shaded, there is always an assistants in the pool and we provide lots of dresses and fabrics for your underwater maternity photography shoot.

We dive in to the session with $10k equipment to make sure we get the best results!

We will coach you how to look great and feel confident in the water while we capture stunning portraits not found anywhere else.

MBF Photography is anything but your average Las Vegas portrait photographer. Each client is treated with care and creativity not found with other Las Vegas photography studios.

MBF Photography takes pride in offering our clients the type of underwater portrait photography they are looking for. It’s one thing to take pictures, it’s another to create underwater art for our clients. Almost all our Las Vegas clients are typically looking for artwork for their home, and beautiful portraits, and that is what draws them into our photography studio.

MBF Photography is an award winning photography studio based in Las Vegas and serve the Las Vegas, Boulder city and Henderson area.

Also we cover areas including but not limited to Arizona, Utah, California and the surrounding areas.

Our Las Vegas photo studio located conveniently in the beautiful Tivoli Village 440 S Rampart Blvd#150 Las Vegas NV 89145

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