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Mother's Day

Meet my kiddos Liam 5, Emily 3.5, Tommy 2

Now, Let's admit it...

Being a mom is a job!


This "job" has so many benefits!

My fav one is how I become their ultimate superhero for simply finding their lost tiny LOL toy or for finding those hidden rolly pollies at the backyard!

I love watching my kids grow they seriously amaze me everyday and grow up so fast!

This year I was honored to photograph so many lovely moms for Mother's Day mini session, I enjoyed capturing the connection between the moms and their little ones during

the photo session at Floyd Lamb Park Las Vegas.

Watch the behind the Scenes video from the Mother's Day mini sessions!

Happy Mother's day to all those moms and expecting moms out there!

Contact MBF Photography Las Vegas Photographer today to book a photo session to capture your special moments!

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