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Newborn session, what to expect ?

When looking to find the best newborn photographer to take photos of your precious little one you need to pick carefully and make sure the photographer who will take your baby's photos is trained and specialized in newborn photography , keep in mind no matter how often you had photos taken in the past, newborn session is a little different from any other photoshoot you experiences before.

Our photo studio looks different from the commercial photography spaces or Jc Penny mall studios you may have used. Our studio is full with adorable props, backgrounds and outfits, it has more of a boutique looking than a photography studio.

Here are few things to expect when you bring your new precious baby in for his or her very first photo session:

1.Baby's age.

We highly recommend to schedule the newborn session when baby is between 5-12. on that time frame the baby's body is more flexible, they falling in to a very deep sleep which allow us to move touch and pose them. their vision is not yet clear so they not really aware.

Bringing your baby at early age will make the posing easier for both the baby and photographer.

We did successfully photographed 'older' newborns up to 7 weeks, the only thing is we cannot guarantee to all poses or to a sleeping baby, session also might take longer than usual.

2.In order to keep the newborn happy we keep our studio warm at 79-80f.

we create a baby-friendly environment and may include a shusher (white noise machine) running in the background.

3.We will ask you to bring with you a pacifier,

Pacifiers can be lifesavers during newborn sessions, even if you don’t use them at home yet. The pacifier helps the photographer keep the baby calm while baby is being touched, moves from pose to pose or have an outfit change. If you have a pacifier, don’t forget to bring it with you!

4.Your baby may need to be fed during the session. During the session, baby might get hungry and then we will take a break so you can feed, we will ask you to take your time and burp the baby after being fed.

5.We provide the outfits, props and backgrounds.

All outfits are being hand wash after each use. all our props are safe to use and your baby will promptly and safely be posed in them while using special posing pillows. with most poses we will support baby with a hand or a finger and photoshopped it out when editing the images.

If you have something from home that you would like to bring in and use during the session we will gladly photograph it as long as we see it as safe for the baby.



6.Final images.

48 hours after the session we will send you a watermarked password protected online gallery where you will be able to look at all unedited images and select your favorites that you would like to be edited.

the editing process takes up to 2 weeks unless told differently.

We will make sure each image we deliver to you is a piece of art that you will treasure forever.

We are looking forward to meet you and your family and create beautiful memories while having your baby in a safe and loving hands.

The newborn photographer Shiran Mariasov has over 5 years experience photographing newborns, she completed in person training with the photographers: Ana Brandt, Kelly Brown, Paloma Schell. As well as many many online classes.

Shiran is currently mentoring other photographers while focusing on educating in the fields of newborn safety.

For questions or booking please contact us today!

Call or text: 702.742.7297 or email

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