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Romantic and Organic

When you blend romantic and organic nature styles, beautiful things can happen!

When the designer Shir of ShirTene asked me to photograph her new line of jewelries I of curse agreed and was super excited about the upcoming project!

After seeing the beautiful one of a kind pieces I had few ideas in mind!

We started with selecting the location which was Floyd Lamb park (currently my fav) the location was perfect for this lifestyle romantic fashion shoot.

This styled shoot collaborating the talented team:

Fashion/commercial photographer:Shiran Mariasov, MBF Photography Las Vegas



Makeup/hair artist:Daniella, Hair by Daniella

ShirTene current collection is all hand hammered, soldered and created by her. She creates rings, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces from brass and plates them in 18k gold. Unique and extraordinary!

If you are interested in purchasing jewelries from ShirTene new collection we have a coupon code:mbf25,valid now till the end of May.

Each and every jewelry was a beautiful piece of art, I really loved the fact of it being unique, one of a kind customized piece, that simply no one else has or could ever have!

We chose Natali as our model, we knew she will be perfect for advertising this jewelery campaign because of her experience and reputation as international model as well as her natural fresh look.

Working with Natali was certainly an amazing experience for all.

she was fun, knowledgeable, and very professional. I highly respect her as a model and person. I believe she would make a wonderful addition to any team or project.

Floyd Lamb Park is by far my favorite location, combining historic area, green trees, lake and wild life makes that spot so awesome!

Are you a model who need to build a portfolio?

A designer who need a new awesome lifestyle photos of your art/product?

or maybe a maternity/family who like to capture beautiful moments with your loved ones?

Make sure you contact MBF Photography today to book your outdoor natural light photo session!

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