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YuYu 100 Days Photoshoot

A Chinese tradition, the 100 days after a baby's birth is considered an important day. The tradition is special because the 100th day represents the wish that the baby will live to be 100 years old. Relatives and friends of the family will send gifts such as clothing, shoes, and hats adorned with tigers. Another traditional gift presented to the baby is a silver pendant, known as the longevity lock.

This tradition was new to us before we had a of couple clients request to include unique set-ups for their baby's 100 days.

Yu Yu

This photoshoot was definitely special! Yu Yu's grandmother handmade his tiger hat and shoes. The outfit and longevity lock really brought through the traditional side of this wonderful day. We even got some beautiful family photos in the studio as well as outside at Tivoli Village. To finish up the session Yu Yu's grandfather wrote "I am 100 days" in Chinese in a speech bubble to create a truly unique image

We will happily take your baby's 100 days photos! You can bring any special outfits or accessories you like to include. Call us today to book your session.

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