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Kelly Brown's Workshop

Last week at MBF photography, we had the honor of hosting Kelly Brown’s workshop in our Las Vegas photo studio.

Kelly is a very well known Australian photographer,She has won many awards for her incredible work. Kelly specializes in Newborn photography. With over 14 years of experience, she spreads her knowledge, influencing new and experienced photographers around the world to use better and safer newborn posing techniques.

Kelly puts a lot of emphasis on safety, and taking into account the emotions of customers. Having Kelly and 15 other photographers come to MBF Photography studio was a great pleasure. We saw how much of a great leader Kelly is to the community of photographers here in United state.

MBF Photography always strives to bring the best quality images. We make sure our clients feel safe and comfortable in every photoshoot. After embracing different newborn posing techniques from Kelly Brown’s Workshop, we believe that we will continue to improve and bring new and amazing photos that will make memories last a lifetime.

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