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"Older" Newborn Sessions

We always get the question "is my newborn baby too old for newborn photo session?"

What we always tell our clients is that we accept any newborn, we never turn down because they are past the recommended 5-10 days. Some babies are in the NICU for an extended period of time or the parents prefer to stay at home with their baby for the first month, and we understand that.

Just because your baby is not less than 10 days old, does not mean we will not schedule a newborn session. Every baby is special and deserves a special newborn session! At our studio we will properly position them, dependent on how flexible and comfortable your child is. Some newborns older than two weeks, may not be able to hold all those cute sleeping positions. We only position older newborns in sleeping positions if they are able to, we never force a position on any baby!

While we recommend to book newborn sessions when your baby is under 10 days old, we do not turn down newborns of any age! If you are interested in booking a newborn session, contact us today!

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