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Model Calls

As a Las Vegas based photo studio we are so happy that we have been able to work with so many great companies recently for model calls. Our past model call with Kidville Las Vegas reached over 90,000 people! For those who are curious about entering your child in our product photography model calls in the future we wanted to tell you a little about them and what safety precautions we take.

We are known for our baby/kid product photography, when a company reaches out to us for help with product photography and model calls, we always check that their products are safe and catered towards our models. When we have child models in our studio we always make sure they are comfortable and the products are child-friendly. From swaddles to baby slings and toddler utensils everything is tested prior to and use and always properly sanitized. Model calls are always fun and special because we can get real smiles and laughs, and the children and parents always have a good time.

All requirements are outlined in each model call. For parents who enter their children into the model calls and are chosen, we do require you to sign a model release for modeling purposes. For more information on future model calls be sure to like and follow our Facebook Page!

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