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Tis The Season For Holiday Sessions

It's that time of year where the temperature cools down and every where you go is decorated with sparkling lights. The Holiday's are the perfect time to take family photos! Whether for Christmas cards or an updated family portrait, now is the time to have your family's photos taken.

We offer both in-studio and on-location photo sessions for the holidays. You also have the choice to take photos outside around Tivoli Village for a beautiful and elegant look. In-studio, our sessions are fun, easy, and unique! We have holiday themed props and backdrops to include in your session. For Christmas we even have a miniature sleigh to pose your sweet baby in for the cutest newborn photos!

If you are planning to have family photos taken, here are some things to consider.


Try to wear color coordinating outfits. You want everyone to look a part of the same family so avoid wearing overly bright colors, and contrasting patterns. It's best to go neutral. Wear tones that compliment your skin tone. If choosing to incorporate holiday colors, choose shades of the same color. Wearing too many colors looks busy in a photo.


It's important to not only choose a day that works well your family's schedule, but also a good time, such as not during naptime or school/work. Keep in mind that this time of year is the busiest, so scheduling at least a week in advance is recommended.


Inside or outside? What look are you trying to achieve with your images? If you are considering an outside photo shoot it's important to have a location in mind so we know what to bring with us such as lighting or reflectors. It is best to schedule early mornings or afternoons for on-location photography because we lose light around 4pm.

Contact us today to book your holiday session!

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