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Why We Love Workshops

We love workshops! Not only are they great for networking, they are wonderful learning experiences. It is so important to keep up to date with industry safety procedures and trends. Most recently we hosted the Paloma Schell- Products and Solutions for Photographers Workshop, where world known Brazilian Photographer Paloma Schell shared her expertise on newborn posing and safety.

At MBF Photography Las Vegas our first priority is our clients comfort and safety. It was a wonderful experience to work alongside other photographers to discuss and learn various poses and techniques when photographing newborns. As a professional, I know that even though I am at good what I do, the most important thing I can do is continually educated myself.

We know to take extra care of your little one. When taking photos of your newborn baby we make sure to keep the temperature around 79 F degrees to keep your baby warm. As well as keeping the studio clean by sanitizing all of our props and outfits. Even when you see the cute poses in buckets or baskets we always have an assistant right next to your baby propping their head up for their safety.

Every photo you see was uniquely curated for you and your family. We like to incorporate favorite colors as well as taking into consideration the colors from your home.

We love attending workshops! Workshops are a great way to educate yourself and get real-world practice.

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