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Outdoor Newborn Sessions

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering outdoor newborn sessions to the Las Vegas Valley! There is just something so special about photographing newborns outdoors. Unlike an in-studio session, we have the ability to use lush, green locations to create a unique and stunning image.

We try to incorporate our surroundings into the image, using flowers, leaves, apples or even just a beautiful shaded tree. As well as, special props we hand help hand pick for your baby's session.

Some may think that Las Vegas is not a city that has beautiful parks with green grass and flowers, but we have it all! No matter the season your baby is treated care. We only shoot photos outside when the weather permits it. For cooler days we always have a portable heater, plenty of warm swaddles, and outfits. We protect your baby from direct sunlight by choosing shaded areas or blocking the sun, and have our assistant on hand to support the baby's head.

With the holidays coming up, we made sure to have cute wintery and Christmas props available for photoshoots. Perfect for holiday cards and birth announcements!

Having a baby or know someone who is having a baby? Contact us today to book your outdoor newborn session.

Here is a Behind-The-Scenes image of our outdoor setup...

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