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How We Keep Your Child Safe During A Photography Session

We understand that as a parent your child’s safety is always your biggest concern. Here at MBF Photography, it is our number one priority is to keep your child safe and comfortable during their session in the studio.

As a mother of three children, I understand the importance of keeping your little ones safe and at ease while in my studio. After investing many hours learning techniques and hands-on practicing as well as one-on-one mentoring focusing on childrens safety, I know how to properly pose your child that is safe for them and results in a stunning image for you! As a professional photographer, I realize every child is different, that is why I always allow for feedings, diaper changes, or allow toddlers to walk around and get some fresh air for a few minutes and never rush them into a position. All children require gentle care and patience.

What I want parents to understand is that even when you see our photos online of a child propped in a bucket, sitting on a swing or positioned in a composite prop, your child is never left unattended or forced into a position that may not be comfortable for them. My assistant or the parents are always right next to the child, to support them and make sure they are safe. For newborns, I make sure that their head is always supported since they yet have no control or strength to hold their head up themselves.

We always make sure our studio is clean and welcoming for you and your child. All outfits and props are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before use. For extra comfort, we keep the studio at 79 degrees and always have a small personal heater on-hand to make sure your baby is nice and warm. We always lock the studio doors for a private session without distractions, so you and your child have a pleasant experience.

Your child’s safety is always our first priority! To learn more or to book a baby/newborn session contact us at MBF Photography today.

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