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,  . Ta Ra Rum Pum - 繝. Category:MacOS games Category:Windows games Category:2011 video games Category:Adult visual novels Category:Action role-playing video games Category:Video games developed in Japan Category:Video games featuring female protagonists Category:PlayStation Portable games Category:Video games with stereoscopic 3D graphics Category:Visual novelsQ: Trigger to insert multiple records I have a trigger that checks the status of a task at the end of each hour. If the task is complete, I need to insert a new record into a second table, not all at once. Here is what I have so far: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER check_task AFTER INSERT ON task FOR EACH ROW DECLARE max_id NUMBER; BEGIN SELECT max_id INTO max_id FROM task; IF (NEW.status!= 'completed') AND ( NEW.status!= 'inactive') THEN INSERT INTO tasks_done (task_id, end_date, end_time, status) VALUES (max_id, SYSDATE, '01:00:00', 'active'); UPDATE task SET status = 'completed' WHERE id = max_id; END IF; END; I'm not sure how to accomplish what I'm trying to do. Thanks for the help. A: Another possible approach is to use BEFORE triggers to test the status in the inserted table. This means that you do not need to insert a task if it is already completed: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER check_task BEFORE INSERT ON task FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF (NEW.status!= 'completed' AND NEW.status!= 'inactive' AND NEW.status!= 'unknown') THEN NULL; END IF; END; Dosimetric analysis of the internal target volume in breast conserving surgery: a comparison of the technique using computed tomography, magnetic